Newest Pillow Packing Ways – Pillow Packing Machinery

If you want to make the pillow Packaging effect better, and show a more beautiful overall effect, It must be combined with a variety of factors to make a comprehensive measurement.First of all, don‘t ignore the aesthetic elements, if you want to make the shape and beautiful design. The effect is better. It is recommended that you must consider the brand culture of your own manufacturer. You also need to reconcile the style and effect of the design, the size and size of the display surface, etc. Everyone needs to have a comprehensive understanding.

Therefore, our company has introduced a pillow roll packing machine. this machine used for pillows, and a series of quilts automatic roll bag, PLC control system, with a high precision touch screen. the machine has high degree of automatic, instead of the tradition manually press and putting pillow into bags, this packing way is more beautiful appearance, high efficiency, the most important thing is save expensive labor cost for you. And this pillow rolling machine mainly used to memory foam pillows, latex pillows, sponge pillows.

KIMKOO mattress machinery & equipment Co,.Ltd is a professional manufacturer of machinery.Including the Pillow Rolling Machine, mattress tape edge machine,pocket spring machine, pocket spring assembly machine and the Mattress packing machine.

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